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Email Blast for EDMs and E-Newsletters

Have a product to sell, an event to promote or a service to provide? You'll need our email blasting and campaign tracking services to do things right. If you are looking for a trusted and reliable email blasting company, our solution guarantees fast and smooth delivery of your email campaign. Whether you have 1,000 or 100,000 subscribers, we can schedule, send, track and manage your email campaigns with a breeze. Rest assured, our server infrastructure can support all your email marketing needs. Below is a complete list of what our email blast service can offer.


Email Database Management
Divide, clean, update and manage your email database easily


You can't have a successful email campaign without a solid, optimized email list. With our database management services, you can segment your target audience by demographics, customer likes and dislikes and so much more. We help you create unlimited mailing lists, and import your contacts with ease.

With our flexible database import tool, your email database can be imported into our system from various formats such as Excel, Access or Text. All you need to do is provide us your email database in any of the above formats and we will manage the database import for you with a breeze! What's more, our system automatically detects duplicate emails or invalid emails in your database, therefore only clean and valid emails are imported. Please note that only permission based email lists (opt in) are allowed. Read our anti-spam policy.
With our email blast services, we keep your email database in tip top condition. Our system automatically performs all database house keeping tasks in real-time after every campaign is sent out. Hard bounced emails and unsubscribed emails are removed from the system right away - no questions asked. This way, you are assured to have a clean list for your next email campaign.

Email Campaign Management
Schedule, send and track your email campaign effortlessly


Grab your customers' attention with pictures. Pictures in emails are an important part of creating high-impact, professional-looking email campaigns. Bring your news, events or promotions to life, and make them more relevant to your customers. With our email blast services, you can choose to host your own images or let us host all the images used in your emails, at NO EXTRA COST.

Give your emails a personal touch by including your customer information as part of the email message. It makes a big difference when you address your customers by name instead of "Sir/Mdm". We also enable you to include many other user-defined customized personalization options such as gender, address, telephone, fax and many more.
Our system is able to send immediate campaigns, scheduled campaigns and recurring campaigns. With our email campaign management services, we offer you a step-by-step process in finding the right type of campaign, showing you all the options, and allowing you to preview the campaign and send test emails before we actually send out your campaign.

Email Delivery Management
Get your email campaign straight to the finish line


We provide a spam check option before sending out your email blast. Our email blast system will scan through your email content and provide a list of items that was found in your content that may indicate your email as spam. This way, you can first tweak your content as needed to minimize your your spam count.

Is it possible to send an email that looks the same in Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail? Yes! Our email blast system ensures that your email will appear the same across all email platforms. We can also send test emails to various email providers for your preview before we send out the actual campaign.
We review each and every customer before they use our email marketing services to make sure that they follow ethical email marketing practices and do not rent or buy lists. We also take a pro-active approach in solving delivery problems, and with close communications with the ISPs, we make sure that your email makes it to the recipients' inbox.

Campaign Tracking & Reporting
Track and analyze your campaign with detailed real-time reports

Campaign Tracking & Reporting


Nothing is more frustrating than having to wait for results. Thanks to our real-time 24/7 tracking and reporting tools, you will be able to see open rates, click-throughs, bounces, forwards and unsubscribes exactly when they happen. With our email campaign reports, you can:

View a breakdown of how many emails were opened See who forwarded your emails
See who opened your emails View which emails bounced and why
View your customers' open/click trend Find out who unsubscribed and for what reason
View which links were clicked on the most Export and print your reports in Excel
View a summary of your open rates, click-throughs, bounces and unsubscribes all on 1 screen.
See how many people opened your email, and find out who they are.
Check which links generated the most click-throughs and interest.


View which subscribers resulted in a bounced email (soft/hard), along with the reason it bounced.
View who unsubscribed from your email campaign along with the reason they unsubscribed.
Learn what time of the day and which day of the week achieves the highest opens.


Learn more about our email newsletter design services, or view our project showcase.

To learn more on how our email marketing solutions have benefited some of the most successful businesses around the world, and how we can do the same for your business, Contact Us now for a FREE TRIAL*.

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